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My Festive Desktop Setup

December 3rd, 2012 by Posted in Geeky Goodness, Random Jabberings

Term has now finished, and I haven’t yet posted a blog post since my first one announcing the new site. So forgive me in advance for any mistakes, or anything that isn’t written perfectly, or not explained well… I need to find my footing with this whole blog thing. Of course corrections are welcome!

It’s December, so it’s time to turn my computer desktop into a catalyst for festive spirits. Just because it’s the holidays, it does not mean I’m going to be using my computer less, or even working less. If anything it means that I’ll be using my computer more, as I will not be doing academic work on paper (eww paper!).

I find that ensuring that you listen to plenty of Christmas music, have decorations up, and have plenty of green red and yellow on your monitors can really help get you in the Christmas Spirit, lift your mood, and keep you there! A couple of years before, I hadn’t done any of this, listened to my usual music while coding, and had my usual bland (in comparison) desktop. This resulted in the feeling that I had effectively missed Christmas. Christmas day came around and I didn’t even feel like it was Christmas, I had none of the “build up” and excitement beforehand, didn’t watch any Christmas films, and come January, I felt like I had missed out. I vowed never again to let Christmas slip by my this way again!


New Website!

October 31st, 2012 by Posted in Announcements, Random Jabberings

So i finally took the time to redo my website, this time in the form of a WordPress Blog. Created a WordPress theme from scratch, using BootStrap. It didn’t take as long as I thought it would, after recently coding up a new theme for my College’s JCR Website (http://jcr.stcatz.ox.ac.uk) creating themes have come with more and more ease. Granted this is by no means a complete theme, there are plenty more things I need to do to tidy it up, and there’s plenty of stuff that is hardcoded that needs to be moved over to the admin panel. But I got it to a state where it is functional, and I can start to use it.

Eventually I plan to release this theme as Open Source, but there’s a long way to go until then. And much tidying up to do. But a milestone has been reached today!

I have to say, after working with BootStrap¬†for two projects now, I’m beginning to like it more and more. It really does insanely speed up the process of front-end development. I would recommend that those who haven’t give it a try as soon as you get the chance!

Anyway, I think I’ll call this a day! It’s 5 am and a job well done i think! :D