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What Deniability Is and What Deniability Isn't

Dec 18, 2014

There's been an interesting (and somewhat heated) discussion (or debate) on the moderncrypto mailing lists recently, regarding the value of deniability in cryptographic protocols.

This discussion stems from the fact that deniability, as a feature of a cryptographic security protocol, does not necessarily come for free (more so in channels involving more than 2 people). It involves design and technical effort (and everything that comes along with that), as well as, generally (again more so with more than 2 participants), extra computational work and added complexity in the protocol.

The question that was asked was, given the extra effort required to incorporate deniability as a feature of a protocol... Is it worth it?

This resulted in a lot of back and forth, with people on both sides of the fence.

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The Future of Tech: Interoperability

Jan 19, 2014

Ubiquitous Computing is a very big passion of mine, in fact I have spent a number of sleepless nights, and many other free hours thinking about this, and the future of technology over the past half year or so. Largely inspired by watching future concept videos by Corning, Microsoft and a few others, and by examining our current technology climate, I started to develop a few thoughts.

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Sam Lanning

Sam Lanning

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