About Me

Hi, my name is Sam Lanning, and I’m studying Computer Science at Oxford University. I (occasionally) blog on this website. I have been interested in technology since I was a toddler, I once almost even electrocuted myself at that age where I had wielded a screwdriver and decided to explore what the insides of a 3-Pin plug socket looked like. Computers have always interested me, when other kids were playing video games and being less hermit-like, I was coding html and learning the inside-outs of the internet. I have been coding for years, and have since only increased my interest for programming, and all things computer related.

Since the start of my Academic Career at Oxford studying Computer Science, I have been quite involved within my college JCR and the Oxford University Computer Society. In February 2012, I was elected Secretary of the society until February of the following year, and at the end of my tenure, I was further elected President of the CompSoc for the next 12 months. I have also been elected JCR IT Rep for 2012-2013.

About this site

This website is running on WordPress on a custom theme that I quickly made, it uses Bootstrap 2.